‘Antarjal’ isn’t ‘scared’ of other films: Dipankar Dipon – GalachipaProtidin.Com
‘Antarjal’ isn’t ‘scared’ of other films: Dipankar Dipon – GalachipaProtidin.Com

Dipankar Dipon’s “Antarjal” was one of the most awaited releases this Eid. However, the makers decided to pull out from the competition, which led to much speculation as to what happened. 

The director has finally decided to clarify the real reason and posted a status on his Facebook wall. 

“Antarjal didn’t back out from the Eid release because we were scared of other movies. We don’t think of filmmaking as a wrestling platform- we want to create smart filmmakers who want to thrive in the entertainment industry,” said the director.

The “Antarjal,” director was full of praises about all the Eid releases this year including Nisho’s “Shurongo”, Shakib’s “Priyotoma”, Bubly’s “Prohelika” and Apu Biswas’ “Laal Shari.” However, he feels that in terms of Bangladeshi cinema halls, filmmakers shouldn’t release more than 3 movies together on Eid. 

“However, after considering the number of cinema halls in our country, we realised it’s not right to release more than 3 movies simultaneously in theaters. As we can’t instruct anyone else to halt their releases so we ourselves have backed out from the Eid release. We don’t want to share other people’s businesses, nor do we want others to take away our film’s profit as well,” stated the director. 

The director also revealed that this gave him extra time to work on the vfx of his movie which will enhance the quality of his film. 

“Our film ‘Antarjal’ is complete. As we have some time in hand we are working on the technical issues as well,” added the director. 

Dipankar Dipon also added that he will try to release the movie within July so that the audience could get to see it soon. 

“Our dear Mim unconsciously declared a release date, out of her overwhelming love for the movie. We will give our best to release the movie within that time frame. However, the final release date will come on our official page or by our producers. We have invested a lot in this movie and we would want our movie to reach all the cinema halls across the country,” concluded the director. 

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