‘Shonar Bangla Circus to perform in India today
‘Shonar Bangla Circus to perform in India today

Shonar Bangla Circus is ready to kick off its first ever concert abroad with not only one but five different stage shows in Kolkata. 

The popular band will perform in Kolkata till February 25. They will play their first show at Presidency University as part of the fundraising concert for Tapas Das, one of the founding members of the legendary band, “Moheneer Ghoraguli”.

Also known as Bapi Da, Tapas Das had been diagnosed with cancer last mont. after hearing of his illness, fans and fellow musicians alike came forward to aid. Later at night, the band will take to the CalBunka fest stage. 

On February 21, they will sing at What’s Up Cafe. After taking a break of two days, the band will perform at Skinny Mo’s Jazz club on the 24th. 

Last but not least, the band will perform their final show at Rabindra Bhaban in Baranagar. Shonar Bangla Circus will be seen as the headliner along with Kolkata’s newest set of rock and metal bands. 

Shonar Bangla Circus, formed in May 2018, comprises of Probar Ripon (vocal and guitarist), guitarist Seth Panduranga Blumberg (guitarist), Hasin Aryan (drummer), Shakil Haque (Bass guitar) with Saad Chowdhury (keyboard).


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